Additional Flex Builder Feature Parity?

I don't know if some of this is already planned, but I was curious what was on the roadmap in terms of reaching more feature parity with the Flex Builder 4 IDE. Some things I would be looking for are something akin to the profiler, support for the Flex 4 SDK, and also FXP support, to make it easier to import projects from FB4 and/or Flash Catalyst. Also, I would be looking for IDEA to support not just BlazeDS, but also LiveCycle Data Services (including support for Fiber, which allows for rapid, model-driven development with LCDS 3). Since many of these are in public beta, I would think you could at least begin experimenting with supporting these technologies, for perhaps a future update to Maia.


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Some answers:

  • Import from Flex/Flash Builder is in progress. Tracked as
  • Flex SDK 4 is supported. Bugs are welcome.
  • About BlazeDS.. Seems to be not 100% correct label in IDEA. It gives you ability to set <services/> and <context-root/> configuration options. As far as I understand with these settings you may use different server technologies including BlazeDS, WebORB, LiveCycle Data Services etc.

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