Cant make use of project or global libraries.

Hi, I come from FB so bear with me if this is some basic stuff.

I made a new actionscript project (which I understand are FB workspaces) and I created two modules (which are projects in FB terminology). Inside one of the modules I've created a libs folder, inside that folder I keep lots of libraries and helpers.

Now, when I use some of those libraries inside project one, it works. However, when I createa a dependency to the other project, even if it clears the compile/editor errors the moment I add the library, it still can't compile, saying that the type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: myLibraryClass.

Funny thing, there is one library that works, that is the Starling library, for some reason that does work, but all of the other .as classes I got just can't link properly.

Any help is appreciated.


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Please can you attach a sample project that shows up your issue? BTW, by creating a dependency to the other project do you actually mean a dependency to another module in the same project? What dependencies have you created - to build configurations? To existing .swc files set up as project/global libraries? I'm a bit confused by your terminology

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I meant a dependency to another module inside the same project.

What I wanted to do is to add a source path like in FB.

Anyway, I solved the issue, the problem was that when I set the library IDEA said that it couldn't determine what was what I wanted to add, or something like that, it game 4 options, but they didn't work.

So, I wondered why the Starling and other libraries did indeed work, it seems like IDEA was looking for some kind of predetermined structure, so instead of having folder/ I changed it for folder/src/folder/ Then IDEA recognized the structure and immediately trated them as a proper library.

No idea exactly why this works like that, or why I just can't add a path to source files, but this fixed the issue.

Let me know if I understood/did something incorrectly.


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