Keyboard shortcut to switch from tool window to active editor

There does not appear to be any single keyboard shortcut that can be used to switch from a tool window back to the active editor.

Some things that don't work:

  • Some tool windows allow you to use F4 to open the selected element in an editor, but that's a problem if I just want to get back to the existing editor
  • I can always close the active tool window, but I often want to leave it open
  • Ctrl+Tab almost works, but:
    • Let's say there are 2 editor tabs open, A and B, and A is active
    • I'm in a tool window
    • Ctrl+Tab will open the switcher, but highlight editor B (when I really want A, since A is active/on top, and I'm not IN A, I'm in a tool window)
    • I can do Ctrl+Tab then Ctrl+Shift+Tab (or Ctrl+Tab then Up Arrow) but that's an extra keypress for a very common (IMHO) use case

Any other thoughts?

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Okay, I take it back. After lots of experimenting, looking through the keymap, hunting through Ctrl+Shift+A (and of course Googling), I accidentally hit the Escape key.

In summary: The Escape key will take you from a tool window back to the editor.

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Kudos. Nice find. I was about to post this question.

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@Batkin Nice tip using Alt+number (toolbars) or Alt+letter (top bar menu items) and back by escape


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