Really IDEA13 not supporting JDK 7/8

Awesome I spent the better part of a sunday morning trying to run a simple hello world JEE Web app (JSP) I was getting the :

"Server is not connected. Deploy is not available." when running the glassfish run config ... I found a article:

To force running under JDK 1.7 edit /Applications/<Product>.app/Contents/Info.plist file, change JVMVersion from 1.6* to 1.7* :


I set it to

I worked but the article says that this is not support and has many issues.  WELL Thats just great!!!

This sucks!!!

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First, IDEA runs just fine under JDK 7 and 8. Or, as fine as the JDKs will allow.

Second, the JVM that IDEA runs under has nothing to do with the JVM that your app runs under. If you look at your project settings (Cmd-; on the Mac), the project SDK is the JDK you want your app to work under. This lets you use any JDK without having to restart the whole IDE.

The reason that IDEA defaults to running under JDK 6 on the Mac is that JDK 7+ have outstanding defects on the Mac. Oracle has yet to put out a release that was as seamless as Apple's final release (JDK 6). The biggest flaw is one you may not even care about, JDK 7+ force the use of the discrete GPU on a laptop with both a discrete and integrated GPU.

So, if you want, change to JDK 7 or JDK 8 for the IDE itself, but that doesn't actually matter. Just make sure you set your project JDK correctly.

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Thank you for the information.  I understand this.  That is why I was surprised when a simple JSP Web project generated with IDEA defaults would not deploy to glassfish 4.  Once I changed the JDK/JRE the IDE was running on the application deploy to glassfish fine.  I found this solution here after much looking.   So it appears there is some sort of compatability issue running the IDE on bundled JRE vs. JDK 8 (in my case.)  I am running

java version "1.8.0_20"
Java(TM) SE Runtime Environment (build 1.8.0_20-b26)
Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (build 25.20-b23, mixed mode)

Works fine like you said...

Again Thanks




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