Gradle debug breakpoints not working in 13.x / 13.1

Not sure if no one else has run into this, or if I'm somehow doing something wrong. But I can't use any breakpoints in my Gradle projects in either 13.x or 13.1 EAP. When the build runs, an error tooltip pops open saying 'Unable to open debugger port : "socket closed".' There's an issue in the tracker on this already:

One related item that a Google search revealed had to do with whether IDEA was executing an "internal build". This looks like this used to be a setting on the Gradle page in Settings, but looks like it was removed in the latest 13.1 as I no longer see this anywhere on the Gradle Settings page.

The only other thing I can think of would have to do with the compiler or execution of the build being forked across multiple threads or something, which would make the IDEA build unable to see the compiled Groovy classes? Could this have to do with the Gradle Daemon?

Anyone have any ideas?



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Just to add, the problem I found discussed elsewhere (related to Android Studio) was caused when using the new "in-process build" (not "internal build"). Is it possible that IDEA is also using this feature?

I know the JetBrains folks are very busy, but some comment or at least acknowledgement of this issue would be appreciated. No one has commented here or in the issue tracker, and having Gradle project debugging be completely broken seems like kind of a big deal.

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Hi Brian, could you add a little bit more information?
What are you trying to debug? where do you set your breakpoint?
Ideally, it would be cool if you would attach a project sample to reproduce the bug (I'm asking about such an information since I can not reproduce the issue e.g. debugging of groovy tests or java main method is working for me )

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Hi Vladislav,

I have the same debugging problem with IntelliJ.
Attached you can find a little gradle project. I am using the Intellij Community Edition 13.1. In the project I want to debug the gradle script 'build.gradle' in main folder 'test'.
Gradle build runs successful, but debugger don't stop at breakpoint in gradle script. Following error Message appears:
'Error running test [clean]:
Unable to open debugger port : "socket closed" '


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