How can I get full coverage on class of static utility methods?

Consider the following minimal class:

public abstract class UtilityClass {
    private UtilityClass() {}
    public static void utilityMethod() {}

When I run the tests with coverage, the empty constructor always comes up as not covered:
  • it doesn't matter if I mark the class abstract
  • it doesn't matter if I mark the constructor private or not define it at all

Is there a way to get IDEA report 100% coverage of this class (other than the silly solution of testing the empty constructor)?

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Strictly speaking, your class is never initialized -> you can't reach 100% coverage.


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Well, I should be able to get 100% coverage of the code that can actually get called. The empty constructor in the bytecode is dead code. Come on, it's called IntelliJ for a reason :-)

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Here's a solution I found at

public void testPrivateConstructor() throws Exception {
    final Constructor constructor = Helper.class.getDeclaredConstructor();
    assertTrue("Constructor is not private", Modifier.isPrivate(constructor.getModifiers()));


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