PHP Debugger (XDebug) and PHPUnit Support for IntelliJ

I see that there are plans to add PHP support in IntelliJ 9.  Two words: THANK YOU!

I would suggest integration of a debugger and unit testing right away for PHP.  In other PHP IDE's, you have to spend a whole day just trying to get the debugger working....and it's usually flaky.  Also, for some reason unit testing support is difficult to find in PHP IDE's.  It seems like unit testing should be an essential tool for ANY real software developer/engineer.

I'm often stuck working with PHP instead of Java on the server side.  It's a huge pain to switch IDE's all the time.  Full PHP support (with debugger and unit testing) would be fantastic!  Who's with me on this?

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Debugger is already under development and unit testing is in the feature list.
Also we will pay attention on helping user to setup debugger properly - we already hit several pain points while setting it up by ourselves.

Proper language support implementation in IDEA includes many things - from code navigation to static analysis and refactoring and nice visual stuff like popup hierarchy diagrams. We expect that PHP will eventually get all possible features.

Do not hesitate with feedback on the new stuff


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