Debugging problems with multi-module projects/maven dependencies

Hey all,

We're currently having an issue with debugging our maven based project in IDEA thats both an IDEA issue, and a maven issue.

We have a multi-module project, and when single stepping through code, or clicking through stack traces IDEA insists on sending the editor to .java files inside -sources.jars rather than the versions currently in the project.  From what I can tell, the problem lines in that our poms currently look like:

- parent
  - module a v 1.2
  - module b v 1.3
    - depends on a v 1.1
  - module c v 1.1
    - depends on b v 1.2

The dependencies declared in modules b and c contain the minimum compilation version required, which isn't neccesarilly the current version of the module.  AFAIK, as IDEA sees a reference b version 1.2 as the last thing it scans it seems to want to use that version for ALL references to code in that module, rather than going to the -actual- module b sources.

Initially I changed our parent pom to include a <dependencyManagement> section, pinning all the versions of each module which worked for debugging/strack-trace clicking, as the project only knows about b:1.3 - only this means we can no longer do a maven release of b, if the parent pom currently refers to a SNAPSHOT of a or c.

Is there anyway to force IDEA (8 and 9 EAPs) to -always- use the source version in the open project?

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