Eclipse integration not working wtih EAP

I just tried to open an eclipse linked project in both the 9.0M1 release and build 10558 and the project does not seem to understand the relative paths in the eclipse .classpath files. The project doesn't compile and when I go to the project structure and look at the dependencies tab, if I click on one of the jars and select "edit", the path is red and displays relative. Same project opens fine in 8.1.3.

Wanted to check to see if there is something new I need to do or if I should post a bug in the tracker. I looked in the tracker but didn't see anything (could have missed it).

My project structure looks like this
source/.idea/<all of the idea files here>

That's the basic idea.

Thanks for the help.



There is which I have not yet analyzed.

If you provided a simple sample of .classpath with relative paths, which do not work, this would help a lot.



Thanks. Not sure if I'll ever master the art of finding things in Jira. I will post some info to the ticket.



Looks like someone has already posted files. Let me know if you still need another example.


I have failed to reproduce the issue. If you've got a simple example to reproduce, please, provide.



hopefully the attached file will reproduce it for you. It does not have any code. If you open the project structure and select the batch module, then select the dependencies tab. Click on one of the dependencies and click Edit. You will see the classes are red and showing a relative path. If you create a class, you will not be able to use those jars because they are not being resolved.

I am using JDK 1.6.0_14

Let me know if this helps.


Thanks a lot, got it. The problem is that IDEA relies on simple workspace structure with all project roots in the same directory. Your project is different: branch and lib are not on the same level. I've created

(Not sure this is the same problem as IDEA-23824 I mentioned before, I will investigate it more.)



Great! I'm glad that helped and hope for a fix soon. Interestingly, version 8 has no problem with this format. Unfortunately, version 8 has some other UI bug that is rendering it unusable to me.


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