GWT compilation issues - IDEA is too smart...

I have a few GWT compilation issues where IDEA seems to be too smart, which causes wrong exceptions.

Please assume this kind of situations:
1) I have e.g. 3 modules:

Module com.sample.Page is defined in HTML file and this module inherits module com.sample.Product
a) when I am opening this HTML page, IDEA in gives me such info as output in the console view:

[...]  -startupUrl index.html com.sample.Page com.sample.Product com.sample.Auth

why I have here com.sample.Auth?

b) sometimes this issue generate the error like:

Compiling module com.sample.Auth (or the path to module xml file if compilation runs inside IDEA)

[ERROR] Module has no entry points defined


This is true that this module has no entry-point, but this error is wrong.
(from GWT documentation)

An entry point application class name; these are optional, although any module referred to in HTML must have at least one entry-point class specified


The module in HTML is com.sample.Page. I haven't such error in Eclipse.

2) Write abstract class, which implements Serializable interface.

IDEA gives me an error , that class cannot be serializable. Of course not, but where IDEA wants to serialize this class during compilation? In real code this class is a base class and it just works.

Those errors doesn't appear when GWT compilation runs by Maven or Eclipse. Problems appear when compilation is run be IDEA or HostedMode is run by IDEA. I'm glad that IDEA has a lot of features but be too smart is bad way. Windows OS also thinks that is smarter the user....

Thanks for help and replies.

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Sorry, could anyone connected to JetBrains give me info regarding this problem? I think this issue is important, because I have such problems only when working with IDEA. Eclipse and Maven GWT compilations from command line are good, so it seems that IDEA is too smart.



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