Debug AIR app in iOS Simulator ignores build configuration [FIXED]

I'm developing an Adobe AIR 15 project for mobile. I'm getting a number of errors during packaging when tring to debug my AIR app in the iOS Simulator. It's as if the build configuration settings are being ignored.

The first error I see is:
Create iOS Package
[see error 1 screenshot]

Not very informative, huh?

If I add the following to the build configuration Additional ADT options field under the iOS tab:
-platformsdk /Applications/

…then the packaging goes a little further, but then errors out with:
Create iOS Package
Signing options required to package IPA
[see error 2 screenshot]

The Provisioning profile, Keystore file, and Apple iOS SDK paths are all properly set in the build configuration. In the feedback for the second error, I see that there is some temporary p12 file being used and not the one I explicitly set in the build configuration. I'm starting to think that IntelliJ IDEA is broken with regards to the latest iOS SDK, or else I'm missing some esoteric settings.

Project & dev setup details: Pure ActionScript AIR project targetting iOS 7+, Xcode 6.0.1, IntelliJ IDEA 14 EAP IU-138.2210.3, OS X 10.9.5.

package error 2.png
package error 1.png
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I fixed this issue by pointing both the run configuration and the build configuration to the same iOS Simulator SDK. Additionally, I could not use the generically named SDK, but had to point it to the 8.0 SDK to work.

This works:

This was giving me problems:

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Packaging for simulator doesn't require real certificate, so it is not a problem that IDE specifies a temporary one.
If there's no useful information in the error message that probably means that ADT tool didn't give any. You can try the same ADT command from the terminal to check it (you'll have to surround paths with spaces with quotes).
Great that you finally got all working!


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