Constraint for enum in structural search and replace

What constraints in strutural search and replace I must use to match an enum?
I want to find all java.util.Map whose key is an enum. So I have in the search searchtemplate "Map<$keyClass$, $valueClass$> $mapName$ = new HashMap();".
For keyClass I tried the expression constraint "Text/regexp constraint for java expression type" with the value "enum" but without success.

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Hi Otto,

To find all Map declarations where the key is of an enum type use the following Structural Search query:

$M$<$E$, $V$>
E Text/regexp: Enum (all enums extend java.lang.Enum implicitly)
Apply constraint within type hierarchy
M Text/regexp: Map
Apply constraint within type hierarchy (to also find HashMap and such)

Sorry for the late answer, hope it still helps,
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Thank you! The implicitly inheritance from java.lang.Enum I didn't have realised.


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