Favorites and searches, VCS changes, etc


It would seem a practical and desirable function of the Favorites view to filter out resources that are not part of the favorites.  For example if I have 4 modules in my project and I select 2 for a favorites, then I am in my favorites view and search for a class ('Command-n') it should only include classes in my Favorites view.  Similarly when I view VCS changes ('Command-9') I should only see changes that are represented by my current Favorites selection.

Does that make sense?  It is a similar feature to Eclipse's working sets.  The only alternative I see is to create separate IDEA Projects with the different modules included in each project but that seems like overkill.

Thanks for you consideration.


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I for one would hate that.

I hate how searching for something gives different results depending on what perspective you're in in eclipse.
I could live with your current state altering the Ordering of the responses though

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Agreed, I think the context should determine the ordering (e.g. favourites at the top).


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