Maven headache

I'm using intelliJ 13.1.4. And I'm having an anoying problem with maven.

In the config panel, it say the maven central repo is indexed, but, when searching for an artifact or class, only the local repository shows up.
I updated again and again, cleaned maven config to do it all again. No dice.

Using maven 3.2.3
I lost an afternoon trying to get it to work, rather than actual coding. :_|

If anyone have an idea.

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So ?

Nobody have any clues about what's going on ?

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This works for me, although I'm using 14EAP.

After updating, is a date filled in "Updated" column (see attached screenshot)? In my case, the update is finishing in about 10 minutes. After that, IDEA indexes the repository several minutes and only after that I'm able to search artifacts from this repository.

One more thing: you can check if there are errors while indexing the repo.

For example, on my linux machine, the folder is:

You'll have to find the index (open one by one files), find the one containing http\:// and see if there are errors.
Example: I have a failed index with message:
failureMessage=java.lang.RuntimeException\:\: Resource does not exist

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Updated date shows ok.

I'll have a closer look for errors when i get the PC, but, no message or anything shows

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Hi Eowyn,

which artifact are you searching? I'll try to see if it is being found in my IDE.
Btw artifacts appear with a noticeable lag. For example, if I search for jfreechart, it appears after several seconds



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