How to turn all method names into camel case?


I recently took over a source base from somebody else, but I really hate the coding conventions this person used. I've looked around and I can probably do it using something like javaparser, but I would be intrested if this can be done using IntelliJ and it's refactoring capabilities. I know there is the structural search, but I haven't been able to solve the problem using that either.

Is there anything I am missing?


Leo Tietz

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There is an inspection you can use to identify undesirable method names (Inspections > Naming Conventions > Instance Method naming convention). You can set that inspection and then run it (Analyze > Run inspection by name) - just be sure to select the Java one and not the groovy one. That can at least give you a list of problem methods. But to the best of my knowledge, there is not an intention or quick fix you can run in bulk to correct them. You'll need to do a rename refactoring on them one by one. There might be a plug-in ( that does something like this. For someone with decent knowledge of the plug-in API, it would probably be an easy thing to write.


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