R.java files for ANT building (Mac os 10.9)

Hi all,
I am trying to build my project with ant.  Build->Generate Ant Build. I have needed xml files - no problems. But for every module in "gen" forlder I have stubbed resource classes like


package com.actionbarsherlock;

/* This stub is only used by the IDE. It is NOT the R class actually packed into the APK */
public final class R {

This cause ant failing compilation.
Also I found that needed R.java files are stored in user/Library/Caches/IdeaIC13/compile-server/android_rapid_rote_5_8d3d0687/targets/java-production/actionbarsherlock/android/generated_sources/aapt/com/actionbarsherlock/R.java - This class contains all what I need.

How to make IDEA to generate this class to "gen" folder of corresponding module? (digged a lot in web, but found no strict answer)
Or I need to confugure ant some how to pick right files?

Thanks in advance,

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