Flex, PHP and MySQL Development Environment


As a Flex developer I have switched from Adobe Flash Builder to IntelliJ following some advice by a relative of mine who is a Java programmer at Google. It's been brilliant.

I am now about to commence my first data driven Flex project which requires PHP and MySQL integration. I have never used either of these.

Initially I will be developing this web based Flex project on my own on a Mac laptop. Can someone please provide some guidance as to how I configure my laptop for development and debugging.

Do I need to install MAMP? and how should I configure IntelliJ 13 so that the server hosting my web page (and compiled swf file within) can communicate to the MySQL database?

Thanks everyone.

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I'm afraid we at JetBrains don't have real experience with similar projects as well. We can't help you much with the technology selection and usually do not provide technology-specific answers if they are not related to the IDE. Technology specific sites usually have anough docs, samples and manuals that are generally not tied to any IDE. IDE main task is to help you to write code and to simplify routine tasks. For example Artifacts concept will help you to copy/deploy compiled files and whatever else you want to the locally installed server. You may take a look at this Flex client-server example. It is very old and outdated, configuration in IDE has significantly changed since that time, but still you may get some initial ideas about project configuration: http://blog.jetbrains.com/idea/2009/11/graniteds-projects-in-maia/

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Hello Alexander

I understand your reply. However I had hoped that other Flex developers who have experience of developing with PHP/MySQL may be able to point me in the right direction.




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