multi-module gradle support?

Idea 13.1 ubuntu 14.04

Trying to add a second gradle module to a project which already has a working gradle module.  When I try to import (via Project Structure -> Module -> +), the import throws up a bunch of progress dialogs and appears to be "working", but in the end, the import fails silently:  no module added to the modules list or showing up in the project navigator.  I also tried creating the second module as a gradle project and then importing the .iml, but that automatically unlinked the gradle integration (for the newly added module).

Not exactly, but similar to this:

That posts suggested that multi-module support was close at that time, and would be here for 13.x.  Is this a known issue or a bug (or am I doing something compeletely wrong -- I can certainly add a lot more detail about what I'm doing)?

Thinking it might just not be ready yet, I checked the EAP the release notes, but only found Support opening Gradle projects in headless mode, which doesn't look like the same thing.

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