Flex and java web combined module from eclipse to idea

Hi all:

I have an old project implemented with flex and java web in eclipse.
Now,I want to import it to idea. But,

if I tried to import Eclipse project (module from external model->eclipse) Idea understands only java/web related stuff
if I tried to import FlashBulder (module from external model -> Flashbuilder) idea picks only flash related stuff.

It's the same question with link http://devnet.jetbrains.com/thread/437473. The answer suggested using two modules. But my modules share the same root.
why cant I add two facets(flex and java web) to the whole project?

It's essential for me  to debug the two parts together. Can anybody help?

p.s I'm working with idea 13 ultimate.

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Hi Lee,

yes - you have to create a project with two modules - java and flex, best by importing them.

I have similar setup, except that flex and java are in different folders. It should be possible both to use one and the same root, I've just tried in my IDE.
Btw I'm always importing my flex projects as "Flash Builder".

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Hi Ivaylo:

I do it as you do .
If web and flex client share the same root, idea cant recognize the two facets at the same time.
U can just import a web project or a flex project.
So I first import the flex project and compile, then run the web project.

I meet another three problems during the flex compiling,hope that you can help.

1. I modified the output folder location of every flex app and closed the project. But when I tried
to import it again, the output folder location remains the same. Why havent my modifies been saved?

2. My flex outputs(swf, html and so on) are in a folder flex-output. And how can I add it to the WebRoot?

3. Every time I import the web project ,I neet to add the web facet,why?

:) I'm new to inteliij idea. I will be very thankful to any answer.

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Sorry for delay. There's no such thing as Flex facet, so you can't have Flex and Java stuff in the same module.


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