Spring beans error: "Bean Name duplicated"

This is not really an EAP issue, but I wasn't able to post to the community forum, so here I am.

In 8.1.2, i've set up a Spring fileset.  However for all of my beans, whereever I declare them, in the id field, there is a warning saying "Bean Name duplicated".  However, if I remove the bean, the refs for that bean don't resolve to anything, so I'm not sure where it's picking up another bean with the same id.

Has anyone seen this before?  This is the first time I'm using IntelliJ's Spring integration.


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I have some more info on this issue.  I had the spring.xmls in my classpath because we load some resources from the classpath inside the xmls.  I removed the fileset from the Spring Facet. and kept the files in the classpath and the issue went away. However now I have to explicitly import dependent files.  I don't think this is necessarily a bad thing, but it is a vaild use case for Spring to not have to explicitly import external files, but have them read as part of a fileset.


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