launch apk from a specific folder after a custom ant build

Hello Everyone,

We have a very complex custom ant build for our Android project. After it runs through this very long process, it places the apk file in a specific directory called "packages" at the root of the project. I can call the custom ant build process fro the Ant Build menu, but when it's done, how would I launch the apk in debug mode? I can't find a place where I can specify the location of the apk to launch in the Run Configurations. Maybe I'm missing something? I'm just freshly converted to IntelliJ from Eclipse so I'm still learning.

Any help would be appreciated.

I'm using IntelliJIDEA 13 Premium


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Eugene Kudelevsky
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Try to create an artifact of type "Android Application" in Project Structure | Artifacts. You may copy the APK from "packages" directory to the directory of artifact and then create run configuration launching this artifact.


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