Holes keep appearing in the IDEA Project Tree

Anybody know why these holes in the project tree keep appearing? I seem to get these for large and small projects. Often invalidating caches & restarting will help heal them up, but they always reoccur. The screenshot is taken some 10mins after such an IDEA cache cleardown and restart. Just enough time to run a junit test class and fire up an internal tomcat 7 container and the hole is back. Simply closing & reopening the project has no effect, nor does synchronising the folder or reimporting the pom.

It always seems to be 3 rows in height regualess of the project and always in the top level of the project. No files are missing in this hole, no hidden files in these folders (excpet the .idea folder).  This is IDEA 13.1.4 on CentOS 6.3.


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Think I might know what those holes represent. When I'm running unit tests the junit scratch files get put into this directory, three files between the bookends of this hole. i.e. I see something like:


When the tests are over the scratch files are deleted, I guess IDEA monitoring of the filesystem gets confused by these constantly changing files? occasionally leaving the gaps.

FYI I tend to run tests from the shell for this project, not from inside IDEA -- we've a number of PowerMock/PowerMockito Runner tests that don't work from the IDE. Never gotten around to working out why IDEA doesn't play nice with certain runners. So this is going on in a background shell while I continue editing -- takes 45mins to run this test suite, another good reason not to tie up IDEA.


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