Cannot add AIR SDK

I’m getting an error with build #10322 of MAIA when trying to add my AIR SDK:
“The selected directory is not a valid home for AIR SDK”
I’ve installed my SDK in C:\air & have tried using this directory or C:\air\bin, where adl.exe. & adt.bat sit, but to no avail.
I've added it successfully to my PATH and can run my AIR app from the command line.
Has anyone else come across any issues such as this?

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Hi Martyn,
I understand your confusion, you've downloaded what is called 'AIR SDK'
from official site and IDEA refuses to recognize it.
The point is that such 'AIR SDK' is only a subset of what is called
'Flex SDK' and it doesn't contain some important parts like compiler,
configuration files and swc libraries.
What you need to have to develop AIR applications is a Flex SDK (which
contains all AIR related stuff as well). Please install it and select as
AIR SDK home in IDEA.


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