Idea 13.1 always starts new thread with the compile server running for Scala projects

Idea 13.1 Community Edition
Scala version in build.sbt - 2.11.2
Java version 1.8.0_11
Project Settings -> Compiler ->
     "Make project automatically" checkbox is set
     "Compile independent modules in parallel" checkbox is set
Project Settings -> Compiler -> Scala Compiler shows "Nothing to show here in external build mode"
IDE Settings -> Scala ->
     "Incremental compilation by: SBT incremental compiler"
     "Run compile server (in external build mode)" checkbox is set

There is usually only one java process with this setup which is run with "NailgunRunner" class on 3200 port.
Whenever I change and save a file another java process appears with "BuildMain" class and loads CPU a little, while the "NailgunRunner" process doesn't load CPU and doesn't increase its memory usage.
If I stop Scala compile server with the icon in the bottom panel, the "NailgunRunner" process stops and for every change-save operation the "BuildMain" process appears.

So at this moment it looks like Scala compile server doesn't do anything at all.
Is this right or is there something I've missed in my configuration?

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