Some issues with Maia (GWT, Spring)

I am giving Maia a bit of a spin on one of the projects I am currently working on. In this project we are using GWT 1.6.4 and Spring 2.5.6. I am delighted with the IDE but there are some annoyances.

1. When working with GWT it seems that maia ignores exclude tag in sources in modules xml file.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    <inherits name='' />
    <inherits name=""/>

    <inherits name='com.smartgwt.SmartGwt' />

    <inherits name='com.serengetisystems.srgutils.SrgUtils' />
    <inherits name='com.serengetisystems.srgutils.GwtRpcDs' />

    <entry-point />
    <source path="client"/>
    <source path="dto"/>
    <source path="rpc">
        <exclude name="**/impl/**" />
    <source path="util/exception"/>

Even though I have excluded impl and it's subpackages I am still receiving warnings in IDE that classes referenced from classes in these packages are not present in JRE emulation.
This results in curious behaviour. If I click build project Icon the project does not build and errors are reported (class not present in JRE emulation). But if I set up a GWT run configuration I can run the applications and no errors are reported.

2. When working with Spring and using annotation based dependency injection (using <context:annotation-config/> element) I get warnings in IDE saying required properties are missed. It looks like that Maia recognises @Required annotation but doesn't recognise @Resource annotation.
The project compiles and runs but the warnings are annoying nonetheless.

Have this issues been raised before and are you aware of them? If so can fixes be expected soon? Should I report them on your JIRA?


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Could you please create a Jira issue ( for the problem with 'exclude' tag in gwt.xml files?

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I'll do that today when I get a bit of time. What about 2. issue regarding spring and annotations? Are you aware of that (has it been raised already)? Should I raise a Jira issue for that as well?

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You are right it does seem to be same issue although manifesting when @Autowired annotation is used. I will add myself as a watcher. Thanks for pointing it out.


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