svn commit error


I'm using IDEA 13.1.4 (on Windows) and subversion client 1.8.5-SlikSvn-1.8.5-X64 (SlikSvn/1.8.5) X64. When committing changes, I always get the error message "Error:Wrong committed revision number: -1". In spite of that error message, the commit was successful. Any idea how to get rid of that message?


Hello Christian,

To fix this issue you could set the Environment variable "LANG=en_US".
An alternative approach in Windows is just renaming your

  folder, which will prevent any localization in svn.
Also there is a request in YouTrack:
Please start following it to receive automatic notifications from YouTrack when the issue is updated.
See if you are not familiar with YouTrack.

Hi Yaroslav,

thanks a lot, renaming the locale folder helped. And thank you for pointing at the YouTrack issue.


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