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Installed JDK 1.7, 64 bit version, on Windows in c:\program files\Java directory.  Defined environment variables for JAVA_HOME and JDK_HOME to point to directory.  Attempt to create a new project in intellij and get "No Library Selected" on the New project page.  
Groovy shws as the only option.  Tried the following each with the same results:
1. Moved the JDK to c:\java and reset the JAVA_HOME and JDK_HOME environment variables
2. Used ctrl shift alt s to add the library

Get the same results.  Is this a 64 bitness issue?  Appreciate any feedback

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It looks like there is a small UI bug in that panel. You only need to select a library if you add a Groovy facet to your project. (It's where you set the groovy library/sdk). Notice the "Use Library" portion and the "Create..." buttons are dithered out. If you check the Groovy facet option, those become usable. If you then uncheck it, then they, and the "No Library Selected" drop down are dithered out. That lower right frame would change if you select different facet options in the upper right. For the IntelliJ IDEA community edition, only a groovy facet is available out of the box. In the Ultimate edition, there are dozens of options to choose from. I'll open a bug report on the issue of the "No Library Selected" showing initially active.

So if you are not adding a Groovy facet to your project, don't worry about that field and just click next.

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