unsupported module editor



I create my own module type. It based on JavaModuleType.
I did it to create the project structure dynamically.
But it unsupported module editor.

Where i have a mistake ? if I try to always extends from JavaModule classes.

MyModuleType extends ModuleType<MyModuleBuilder>
MyModuleBuilder extends JavaModuleBuilder
MyProjectStructureDetector extends JavaProjectStructureDetector


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Hi Petr,

if you want to get the standard Java tabs in your module editor you need to extend JavaModuleType in your ModuleType (see DefaultModuleEditorsProvider).

But are you really sure that you need to have a special module type? Note that users won't be able to convert existing modules to your type, and also some other java-specific feature may not work in your modules. You don't need to create a special module type to provide a ProjectStructureDetector implementation.


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