Flex-specific Structural Searches

Does anyone have any Flex-specific structural searches?  Are you interested in sharing?  I've put together a few, and am looking for more.

Here's what I've got so far:

Base class invocation:


I think I used this one when I was looking for cases where a specific base class's methods were being invoked.

Event Listeners:

$Instance$.addEventListener($BaseClass$.$EventType$, $Parameters$)

This is great when searching for listeners to a specific event type or set of events from a specific class.

You have to set $Parameters$ to unlimited here, since addEventListener() takes a variable number of parameters.


public function get $PropertyName$() : $ReturnType$

public function set $PropertyName$($ValueParameter$ : $ReturnType$) : void

This one's nice, because you can fill in a value for $PropertyName$ to search for all instances of a property

OK, folks, I've shown you mine.  Show me yours!

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