Project file line endings

Is there any way to enforce line endings on the project files in the .idea directory? Right now if I save them on a mac then someone else views them in a windows environment, they all show up as modified. I'm assuming this is due to line ending changes (the diff shows the whole file as modified).


Can't you just set the svn:eol-style property to LF?
LF should work on Mac and Windows and you wont have this problem


How would that help? IDEA will still think the files are modified locally. IDEA is at fault here for using a line ending that's not customizable.

I could add -Dline.separator I guess to startup, but that seems like a hack.


If you applied the eol style to your original example you would both have LF chars in your properties files.
You would check in your changes which would be LF in svn.
The Windows guy checks out and the comparison would be against his original properties, which also are LF.

Alternatively you could get everyone else a Mac


Yes, then I have the files checked out, everything is fine, until IDEA saves the files, and they'll all show up as modified, surely? I know the files in SVN will be the same with consistent EOL, but they would always show up as modified locally if it's a system that doesn't match whatever ending svn is set to.


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