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Good day everyone! Does anybody know how to highlight some entries in log (Run) output or fire some events like notifications on matches? Or suitable plugin.

For example line "Instance started in 1:20:30" should be highlighted by mask "*started in*"

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The Grep Console plug-in Vojtěch mentions (and authors) does exactly what you want. I thought I'd also mention, in case it is of use to you, that while not available in the console, you can limited highlighting and filtering of log messages for log files. Add a log file to your run definition:

Note that for the file location, you can use wild characters in the event the log has a date stamp and IDEA will only show the most recent (unless you select the "Show all files coverable by pattern" option). Click Help for more information.

When you run the configuration, you get a tab for each log file defined. IDEA will print any error messages in dark red (like it does for System.error messages in the console). You can then also filter the display by log level.


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