How to get JpsProject or JpsModule from a Project/Module

In scala-intellij, I've found that it's been troublesome that there are some compiler flags available in the CompilerSettings (yes, scala/sbt specific), and one of the biggest issues is that some of these flags enable certain cases of imports that are otherwise not normally used to be required

I've found that with the project, the compile settings are only available through the JPS API, but I for the life of me cannot figure out how to go from a normal Open API Module (given a specific PsiElement) to a JpsModule.

Any help would basically give me the opportunity to add some integration enhancements with the scala-intellij plugin and IntelliJ itself.

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Hi, Gabriel,

JPS API is used in a separate JVM which is run for each compilation. There is no direct communication between it and main IDEA process, it reads all information about project structure, compiler settings etc from xml files.

If you want to access scala compiler settings in the in the main process, use 

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