Seam 2.0 project with Idea 8.1

Hello all!

I have a project that was created with seam-gen in the 2.0 era (I've since upgraded seam to 2.1.1 but doesn't help my project). I've been using Eclipse and JBoss tools, etc, but am getting weary of Eclipse's ability to stand up under the heavy load I'm throwing at it. This being the case, I'm going back to Idea (used it heavily sometime back, hoping to find love there again.

I've got the project such that I can open it, compile and deploy it, etc. However, I'm stuck on two little things.

1) Hot deploy. I can't find a way to get it to hot deploy. It's been too long since I've used Idea that I really have no idea. Has anybody come up with a working solution to this? I've found one solution, but think it was for an older version of Idea and doesn't seem to work (creating another module and moving hot source to it).

2) Production deployment. I can still use the build.xml to build my production version, but does anybody have any neat tricks for doing something within Idea?

Thanks for any help!!


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Completely sub-genius answer to your second quesiton:

I simple trusted seam-gen to give me a reasonable ouput .ear, then I set up an IDEA project with both a web and an ejb module (each with their own folder structure / src layouts).  I then set up module libraries, dependencies, and a jee5 application structure (lives under ejb module) to yield a complete mimic of the seam-gen-built enterprise applicaiton archive in IDEA's out/exploded folder.  No build.xml involved.

I then pared-down the libraries involved to suit my needs, and of course, thinned-out the seam-gen'd beans and ui stuff (but left a little around to run tests with), and built my project from there.

IDEA did identify Seam, and established a Seam 2.1.2.CR1 facet on its own.

I'm getting acceptable reactivity on modified xhml files... by checking off "Build on frame deactivation" and "Build web resources only" in my JBoss run config, I'm not having to wait too too long for results to show up after switching over to the browser... but hot-deploy it ain't.


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