Adobe AIR - customizing ADL arguments

If there a way to customize arguments for using ADL (AIR Debug Launcher) to launch an AIR app?

It seems that at the current version (build #9815) ADL gets two arguments. First one is the application descriptor itself, second one is pointed to the project folder:

At IntelliJ console you will find the following output:

{flexSDK}adl {pathToProject}/bin-debug/{myAppName}-app.xml {pathToProject}

In this case ADL is launching the app (using the app-descriptor.xml) from project folder, not from {myProject}/bin-debug. To use the needed content file of the AIR app, in my case a SWF, you can point it to {myProject}/bin-debug within the application descriptor.

Anyway, if you have more files (e.g. prepared SQLite DB, images, etc.), which are used by the AIR app and located within the application directory of the app, you will lost the references to these files using "File.applicationDirectory.nativePath". Because the applicationDirectory is not {myProject}/bin-debug but {myProject}.

To avoid this issue the ADL needs only one argument pointed to descriptor file, not two mentioned above.


Using the second argument for pointing to the "proper" <root-dir> of ADL, if all needed files of the app are not location in {pathToProject} but in {pathToProject}/bin-debug or anywhere

adl {pathTo}/descriptor-app.xml {pathToProject}/bin-debug/



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Hi Jens!
Thank you for your feedback.
Unfortunately currently there's no way to customize arguments for using
ADL. Jira issue is welcome.

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Hi Alexander,

thanks for your quick reply!

I have explained my "issue" more in detail at Jira:



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