Browser error: Unable to find application named 'open'. Play framework 2.0

when I start the Play Framework 2.0, the server runs fine, but a popup appears with
the "Unable to find application named 'open'.

When you click the button it brings you to the supported browsers.

I did find one item on the NET talking about a host name issue with MAC.

I'm on MAC 10.8.5 - IntelliJ 13.1.2 Ultimate


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I also have this problem when launching a PHP Application when running the debug configuration. This was happening on OSX, and Intellij IU-135.1146

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I had the some problem on my mac.
Here how to solve it :
1) Go to Preference menu ( Press Command Comma.)
2) Go to the Web Browsers sub menu.
3) On the Default Browser line make sure that the Custom Path entry has no value.
4) Make apply.

That's all.

I hope it helps.

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according to Jet support your  /usr/bin/open application should be in your path.

It was and didn't make a difference.
I still couldn't get it to work so I changed the selection of browser to use the "default" set in your OS and it works.
Trying to select a different browser though still doesn't work.

I will look at Nabil's suggestion later


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 I upgraded to Play 2.1 which broke my Play IntelliJ Support plugin. This caused IntelliJ to not recognise: If any issue on printer in error state just discuss your problem..

import views.html.*;
so when hitting cmd + o to optimize my imports it was removed. This resultet in a compilation error
when running play clean compile since the views were not imported:

error] symbol  : variable index
[error] location: class controllers.Application
[error]         return ok(index.render());
[error]                   ^
[error] 1 error
[error] (compile:compile) javac returned nonzero exit code
[error] application -
For more details:

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