Spring : duplicated bean name fires off where it shouldn't

I'm having issues with a spring configuration files that loads perfectly well, but IDEA reports duplicated bean names for some of the beans.

I've tried downsizing the configuration file to pinpoint which part of it is causing the error, but ended up with having the inspection still trigger even when the only bean remaining in the file is the one triggering the inspection. (see attached screenshot).
The configuraiton file is not part of a configuration fileSet, so I guess I can expect any conflict to be file-local , right ?

Has anyone encountered this already ?

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little bump

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I cannot reproduce it.
Has your project other bean with this name? You can just try

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thanks for taking an interest.

Following your comment I can't seem to reproduce it anymore.
I since upgraded to 9794, so this may have been corrected since then, or I jusst can't find the scenario anymore.

I'll give more info if I am able to reproduce it later on.

However, using Ctrl-Alt-Shift-N (and filling in the name of the bean) doesn't bring up the bean definitions but only class-members

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Thanks. Please let us know if it happen again.


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