Idea doesn't see method created by my local AST transformation in Groovy

Hi. When I use @Log or @Delegate AST transformations in Groovy Idea suggests those fields/methods. With self written local transformation which adds new methods Idea doesn't see new methods (compilation passes even with @TypeChecked mode).

Can I tell Idea to "use" my transformation as it does with "standard" Groovy transformations or those standard annotations have special support which cannot be extended to the custom transformations?



I have same question, is there any chanse to get IDE support for custom AST?


Unfortunately the answer no.

We do support standard transformations basically by repeating their logic in terms of IDEA API.
If you've created some custom transformation you should probably create a IDEA plugin.

If it's some simple transformation, then GDSL should be enough 



@Daniil, thanks for your reply. Could you point any plugin (or an internal of any transformation - like already mentioned Builder AST which is currently supported in Idea out-of-box) to be able o see by example what it is needed to add a support for more complex annotations?


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