How to make tool windows remember their monitor and position in IntelliJ Idea 13

How to make tool windows remember their monitor and position in IntelliJ Idea 13?
Is there a way to do that?
I have 2 monitors with different resolutions.
I like to keep the main window of the IDE (and the code editor) on my laptop monitor and have the tool windows (Debug, Changes, Run, Terminal, Maven) on the second one at max width and height.
So What I do is to float them, max them on the second monitor and pin them there.
it works but every time I close the IDE, or sometimes during my day they get back to the main monitor again.
They kind of maintain their height and width (a few pixels less I think) but they appear huge in the middle of my smaller monitor.
This is the only draw back I have to say agains the IDE, and in Eclipse this kind of thing works as a charm.
Is there a way to solve it? Or a plugin?
The worst one is the Debug window. it always resets to the Primary display... I noticed that if I don't use the "hide window" feature. They tend to stay there at least during the current session

Windows 7 BTW



Have you tried saving your desired layout as the default? (From the menu: Window > Store current layout as default). If after a restart (or at any time) the layout is not as desired, a simple execution of "Restore Default Layout" (Either from the Window menu of via Shift+F12).

That said, typically my windows (on Windows 7) are arranged as they were when I closed when I restart. It's possible a third party plug-in is causing an issue with the window layout for you.


I have the exact same feelings about IntelliJ, the user interface isn't as flexible as Eclipse.

Coming from Eclipse, I loved the way I can organize my panels in specific areas and they stay. Even though I may not be using the Debug perspective all the time and it may waste screen space, I can rely on that perspective being there and never have to reconfigure it. In IntelliJ, the tool windows are not persisted as static panels like Eclipse and so they will close out and reset themeselves. IntelliJ tries to be smart and display what is needed at the time but I find it unflexible.


Yes I am using the "Store current" it kind of helps.

But no magic in the world can make my debug window stay where I want it to stay.

I will review my plugins to see if they are the culprints, and I think this might be it. Let's see.


P.S: Would be awesome to be able to join some of those tool windows into a real window...


Interresting to note that, if I maximaze the window 1px less than the max (W and H) resolution they stay put.

So that is a work around that I am happy with.

I guess we can call this closed.


In my case, I checked off Split Mode in tool window gear icon, and it set desired layout.


This still happens to me on 2018.3. Often my floating windows will retain their location, but clicking "Set Current Layout as Default", moving a floating window, then clicking "Restore Default Layout" does not move the floating tool window back to where it was.

Additionally, they generally stay put, but when restarting IntelliJ sometimes the "Run" and "Build" tool windows will go back to the center of my main monitor at some tiny almost unnoticeable size. They are still in "floating" mode, though.

Arseniy Nisnevich

Hi Duncan,

This issue was already reported in YouTrack. Please, vote:


Such en essential but missing/buggy functionality.

Until this feature is properly implemented, 'Window Layout Manager' plugin could help. The plugin works as the ''Window/Restore Layout" option is supposed to work: by moving the tool windows to their saved locations in the monitors.


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