DB initialization: Where to put java class that salts password?

I've got a web application deployed as a WAR.  I'm using hibernate.  My SQL DDL populates the database upon web application startup via persistence.xml e.g.

<property name="javax.persistence.sql-load-script-source" value="01_bootstrap.sql"/>

Next, I will need to salt the passwords.  I assume that I should create a simple Java utility class that is run with the web app's compiled classes in its class path so that I can use the web application's code to salt the passwords.  How should I proceed in Intellij to do this?  Should I create a new module or a new project altogether?  I'm attaching three files:  BootstrapAdminPassword.java, HibernateUtil.java, and hibernate.cfg.xml that I used in the past to salt the passwords from the command line.  I would like to do it in Intellij by right clicking BootstrapAdminPassword and selecting "Run BootstrapAdminPassword."


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