9757 + Seam @Out + Glassfish 2.1

I re-arranged the Seam Hotel Booking example structure (so that it looks familiar to me). I can run and deploy it to Glassfish 2.1. I didn't change anything in the code. The problem I found with Idea 9757 is illustrated in the attached image.

The 2nd problem is: the first time I run/debugged the app, Idea got the deployement status of the app in Glassfish correctly (i.e. I saw a green ball in front of javaEEApplication in the Debug window, please look at the attached image to know what I'm talking about). Then I changed some Java file, clicked the green back arrow in the Debug window to undeploy the app. Then I saved the changes in Java files, made the project and clicked the green forward arrow to deploy the app. Then Idea said that the javaEEApplication facet cannot be deployed (i.e. there's a red ball with a cross inside in front of the javaEEApplication in the debug window), but the Glassfish Admin Console in the web browser said that the app was deployed with all the changes. Did I do anything wrong or weird with Idea and Glassfish?

Screenshot-seam-booking-glassfish - [-home-ly-IdeaProjects-seam-booking-glassfish] - [seam-booking-glassfish] - ...-ejb-src-org-jboss-seam-example-booking-AuthenticatorAction.java - IntelliJ IDEA (Diana) #9757.png

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