IDEA 12.1.6 / TFS error - workspace nnn does not exist


We are migratiing from Subversion to Team Foundation Server (TFS) - because its our standard :)

I am trying to configure IDEA to use our new TFS repo, but I am getting some errors.

I have tried both NTLM and NTLM (system credentials) - not Alternate, as it gives me 401, not authorised.

If I compare a changed file, either nothing comes up, or the diff window comes up, but showing everything as changed - like a new file.

In the changes and messages tab, there is an error:

  Error TF14061 The workspace workspace name;domain\user does not exist.

Strangely I have another TFS repo that is not a migrated SVN repo and IDEA works fine with that.

No errors showing and I get valid diff's.

Perhaps I need to re-create my IDEA project file?


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I believe I solved this by creating the TFS workspace from within IDEA.  See this related bug.


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