File Watcher not running

I've got a File Watcher defines as follows:

    <TaskOptions isEnabled="true">
      <option name="arguments" value="" />
      <option name="checkSyntaxErrors" value="false" />
      <option name="description" value="" />
      <option name="exitCodeBehavior" value="ALWAYS" />
      <option name="fileExtension" value="iml" />
      <option name="immediateSync" value="true" />
      <option name="name" value="Regenerate config file on IML File change" />
      <option name="output" value="$ModuleFileDir$" />
      <option name="outputFilters">
        <array />
      <option name="outputFromStdout" value="false" />
      <option name="passParentEnvs" value="true" />
      <option name="program" value="$PROJECT_DIR$/../../../../build/make_config_files.bat" />
      <option name="scopeName" value="Project Files" />
      <option name="trackOnlyRoot" value="false" />
      <option name="workingDir" value="$ModuleFileDir$" />
        <env name="AB_HOME" value="../../../../../mpower" />

It's supposed to run a DOS batch file every time the project's IML file changes.  It was working for a while, and then all of a sudden it stopped.  It's showing as enabled in the File Watchers Settings, so I don't think I'm hitting the "disable when hitting an error" behavior.

I've tried changing the IML file in all sorts of ways, from making changes within IntelliJ via Project Settings, to "touch my_project.iml" from the embedded console (and from another command line), to manually editing the file from another editor. Nothing seems to work.

What am I missing here?

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This problem miraculously fixed itself.  I'm not quite sure what happened, but all of a sudden, when I make changes to my project, the watcher executes as I'd expect it to.

Of course, now that I can use my standardized config files instead of generated ones (see my other thread on load-config in Flex), I don't need this file watcher anymore, so this is kind of moot.  Still it'd be interesting to know of any theories as to why it might have stopped for a while.


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