Any way to change automatic scrolling on undo?

If I make a sequence of edits at different points in a file, then undo some of them I find the autoscroll a little odd. I'm not sure I can even see a pattern in what happens...

Sometimes the undone change happens offscreen and the editor doesn't scroll so I've no idea what the change was; sometimes a change happens at the cursor and the editor scrolls to somewhere else before I can see what happened.

Makes it very hard to figure out if I've backed up exactly the right number of steps. And yes, I could probably use local history, but I'd like to know why undo is behaving like this, and if it's possible to change it.

I'm on IntelliJ IDEA 11.1.3, mostly editing static .js files at the moment, and have the Eclipse Code Formatter plugin configured for *.js in case it matters.

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Ok, so I think the pattern that's confusing me most is:

Undo a few times - something happens (perhaps offscreen where I can't see it),
Then I hit redo to see what the change was, and IDEA redoes the change, but scrolls away from the edit immediately (presumably to the next edit point in the stack) so I can't see what has just been redone.
So I undo again, and it jumps back, but now the change is undone again and I *still* can't see it.

Make sense? So I guess what I really want is for "redo" not to jump away from the edit it just redid.

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I'm not ready to give a straight helpful answer. Actually it's known that some similar hard-to-reproduce problems exist till today, but are still wanted to be caught. A couple of guesses:

1. Do you have any other non-bundled plugin enabled, except Eclipse Code Formatter? Is it possible to disable them all for a day or two of work?

2. What is the value of Settings / Editor / Editor Tabs / Tab Appearance / Placement? Is it None?

Thank you,

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Thanks for the reply.

1. I had a couple of batch file/cmd plugins enabled. I've disabled everything except bundled plugins now, still happens.
2. It's set to "Top"

I forgot to mention initially I'm using a Mac running Mavericks, in case it's relevant.

I made a video of it happening, and looking at it, you can see that the cursor actually moves offscreen when the undo/redo happens (watch the line number in the status bar for example), but the editor doesn't scroll with it

This is 100% reproducible on my system with the sequence edit -> scroll -> edit -> undo all edits -> redo all edits -> undo a couple more times.

Not sure if this is the only time it happens, but hopefully it will point in the right direction.



EDIT I just noticed this wasn't the behaviour I described in my second post above - may try to reproduce that too on video, but as I say hopefully they're all related.

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Thanks a lot.

I have reproduced it and created



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