Copy Commit Message


The Version Control History has a grid that contains [Version,Date,Author,Copy,Commit Message] and a label below that contains the commit message.
If I want to Copy the Commit Message I have to select the label and Press Ctrl-C

Can we get "Copy Commit Message" in the context menu for the Label and for the selected row in the grid?
It also might make sense to have it in the associated toolbar, but it wasn't my first (or even third ) instinct to look there.

Seems like it has been mentioned before too.


I want this to be implemented because the Edit Commit Message button isn't always available. But... this post is from 13 years ago... 🥲


Endermanbugzjfc May you elaborate on that? All the actions described in the original post are available: 



@Konstantin Annikov thanks you for telling me this. I used IntelliJ for almost a year, and I had never gotten a daily tip about it.


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