9732 loosing subversion username & password on restart

IJ remembers my password until I shutdown.
Once I start up again the next commit or repository command like subversion->'compare with ...'  asks for a password.
I am checking the 'Save credentials'
I didn't see this in any of the 8.1 EAP's or 8.1 itself.

Now If I bring up IJ 8.0.1 and do a subversion->'compare with ...'  and it is also loosing the user name & password...

Where are the credentials kept ? I want to see if there is a permission problem, though noting should have changed for over a month.

It looks like I am getting 100's of thread dumps, I am attaching a few.
threadDump-20090226-131148.txt - IJ 8.0.1
threadDump-20090226-1247XX - IJ 8.1.1 EAP


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I had to switch back to the official 8.1 release due to subversion problems... NPEs, authentication, etc.  I reported the stacktrace/exceptions a few times through the IDE but could not keep using it.  Hopefully it gets cleaned up in the next release.


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