No Django Project Support in Ultimate Preview?


I currently program in Scala, AngularJS, and Python/Django.  I'm evaluating the JetBrains products to find a good working suite.  I am considering either 1) the Ultimate Edition, or 2) paid PyCharm and WebStorm, plus the community edition of IDEA for Scala.

So far, I like the idea of the Ultimate edition better; it's a bit heavyweight for some things, but it would be convenient to have one IDE.

However, I can't seem to find any Django support in the Ultimate preview edition.  I have installed the Python plugin with no errors and can see Google App Engine and SQL support in the new Python project selections.  Is Django support available in the Ultimate edition, and if so, can I test it in preview mode?

My configuration is: Linux, Oracle Java 1.7.0 (latest build, 60 IIRC), IDEA 13.3.1 #IU-135.909, Python plugin

-Thanks, Neil

p.s. Great products so far!

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Hi Neil,
in general Django support exists in Python plugin for IntelliJ IDEA, but it is true that it is missing in the last released version. This is so due to the bug in project configuration, that will be fixed in the next IDEA update (13.1.4) and subsequent Python plugin update.

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Thanks!  So far, the Ultimate version is working out well.



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