How do I get additional folders to show up?

All -

I am converting an Eclipse-based Seam + EJB project to IDEA format.  So far, so good...but as our project was created with seam-gen version 1.1, it seems that our locations for WEB-INF and META-INF directories is not to IDEA's liking.  I was able to override these settings and specify where our existing folders were located, but the folder isn't showing up in the project view/structure.

The directories I do see are:
..root files

The directory I also need to see is:

I've struggled to find a way to make this folder "visible" to IDEA.  I figured once I specificed that this was the location for web.xml, et. Al., that IDEA would do the rest...but not so.

Any ideas?  Help appreciated!  Thanks.

Please see screenshot for more information.

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