Eclipse @SuppressWarnings("unused") vs IntelliJ @SuppressWarnings("UnusedDeclaration")

Hi there,
We are facing the problem that the annotation, generated by IntelliJ for unused methods: @SuppressWarnings("UnusedDeclaration") is not understable for Users using still Eclipse.

On the other way round, IntelliJ understands the annotation @SuppressWarnings("unused") used by Eclipse.

Is there any possibility to adapt the annotation in IntelliJ generated for unused methods to represent a @SuppressWarnings("unused") annotation instead of a @SuppressWarnings("UnusedDeclaration") annotation.

Thanks in advance for any hints.

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IDEA would use "eclipse" ids if module information is stored in .classpath format (File|Project Structure|Module|Dependencies|Dependencies storage format). Otherwise IDEA respect external IDs but generates internal ones.



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