License key not working


Recently I changed my machine and installed Intelli-J 12.1.7 where as I was having a license for intelli-J12.1.4
I tried putting the license but it doesn’t work? Any Idea why?

Any other solution? Where can I find installable for version 12.1.4 for windows.


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The license should work with v12.1.7. Make sure the file you are using is marked 12.1.7b. There were, I believe, issues with the original 12.1.7 release (might be related to the issue you are having).

Make sure there is no white space in your license value if you are copying and pasting. Also make sure you are using the correct user name for which the license was issued. Take a look at the "Troubleshooting" section of Help > Help Topics > IntelliJ IDEA > Getting Started with IntelliJ IDEA > Register IntelliJ IDEA (also available on the web) for other possible issues.

If you still have issues, you'll probably want to contact the JetBrains sales department.

If you want to download 12.1.4, go to the IDEA archive download page, copy the link for the 12.7.7 version and replace 12.1.7b with 12.1.4 and use it. But I doubt that that is the issue.

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Thanks Mark for your inputs.   I referred Licensee Certificate and found that user name I gave was incorrect. Thanks again !!  Cheers Rahul B

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