Anyone having an issue with the IDE thinking there are errors even though it compiles fine after updating to 13.1.3?

I'm working on an Android app in IntelliJ. Last night I made a release to my beta community, which means it was all working fine, compiling, debugging, etc. After I noticed IntelliJ had an update so I went ahead and updated, after opening IntelliJ lots of a my classes show as having issues. Basically it is unable to find some classes from Android support libraries. Best that I can tell the libs are still there. I didn't change anything between the last time it worked and the update. Furthermore if I run a Build->Rebuild project, it all works fine.

Anyways, I'm still looking at my settings to see what is different but has anyone had this issue?



Just from looking at the simplest of my projects having issues it seems like it is not finding classes which are on the same package. So if class A is on package xyz and class B is also in package xyz then A isn't able to find B. Again this is only affecting the IDE visually, compiling is working just fine, I've even modified the code and can see the new stuff while testing.


This fixed it:

  • Please try File | Invalidate Caches | Invalidate and Restart.


thanks for the tip ... this issues was very annoying.

It also fixed a subversion commit problem: IntelliJ kept telling me "no changes detected" when I tried to commit my latest changes.



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